Good morning to you all,

May the Lord bless you, may he remember the members of your family, and may he bless the work of your hands in Jesus name.

If it’s not the Lord who could have said in the beginning of the year that you will be here today, it’s only God. Sometimes you forget what God has done for you and you only remember what he hasn’t done. The devil uses such things to rob us of what God has to do for us. 

I want you to rise up, I have a word from God for You, but before I start my message I want you to rise and thank God.

-For not allowing you to go through this year alone,

-Thank him for all the aspects of your life, things seemed dark but you didn’t leave me alone,

-Thank you for whom you are,

-Thank you for all I’ve been through, you have proved that you are Lord, you will forever be in my life, I will forever be yours; take all that is in my life.

- Thank you for your faithfulness Lord, thank you for yesterday, today and tomorrow, thank you for whom you are, I am grateful Lord for all you have taken me through,

-Thank you for what you do. You who gives prosperity and impoverishes! You are at the height of your power.

-Thank you Lord for all that you are doing for us, you bring life and take away life, you make rich and impoverish, no one can aggress you, you reign over all nations and governments.

-You are truly Lord over all nations, all churches, all governments, all people, and we submit ourselves to you this morning so you will reign over us, reign in us and establish your power in our lives. In Jesus name, amen!

There are people who never imagined that you will come this far today. There are people who have already celebrated the fact that you will die at this point of your life. You are the one who will celebrate their death in Jesus name. The people who have preprogrammed you for death, you will officiate their death. The Lord will carry you in his wings till the end of your life. And the works of your hands will succeed at all cost in Jesus name! The currents of life can seem very difficult, but you will overcome in Jesus name!

Everybody raise your hands and say with me; “I will overcome because God is with me, because God is for me, because God is in me and I am more than a conqueror in Jesus name! Amen”.

This morning I’m addressing my words to all governments, all churches, all people (be it students, workers, military people, politicians etc). No matter where you are, I have a word for you. For all those who belong to us: over here or in the different parts of the world. Lend me your ears this morning and hear what God has to tell you by his Spirit, in Jesus name!

This morning I speak as one with purified lips. I speak with the lips of a ready writer on whom is the Spirit of God, in whom the Spirit of the Lord is and in whom the Spirit of the Lord dwells. He who has his ears turned to the frequency of divine vibration, being sent and authorized to speak for the Lord. That is why I am bringing you this word today. I am here in the office where the Lord has established me as his apostle, a prophet of nations. Let he who has ears listen to me very well!

If I mention your country today, it’s because God has spoken to me about it. Except in urgent situations, God always has the means of speaking before the arrival of precarious situations. If the situation is not urgent and does not suddenly put the life of his servant in danger, God always speaks before the arrival of the situation. God will always prepare people, but when the Lord does not say anything, woe unto those who say the Lord has spoken when he has not spoken! I have my ears turned to divine frequencies. For example, the prophecy of the birth of Jesus Christ was given 700 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. The birth of John the Baptist was also preceded by a prophecy. But concerning Elisha in the country of Israel, God did not speak before the arrival of the situation.

Elisha said the prices of commodities were going to reduce in the country and someone doubted and said that it will never happen even if God opens the windows of heaven. It wasn’t an ordinary man who said that! it was someone who was familiar with the political state of the country, who knows the market forces, who knows the military powers of the country, and who knows the different coordinates of the country. He said it was impossible even if God opens the windows of heaven, it will never come to pass! And Elisha said “it shall come to pass! Your eyes will see it, but you won’t taste of it!”

So he who has ears let him listen very well and act according to the declaration that I have to make today! God will not wait for 2014 before saying what will happen in 2014. I pleaded a lot with the Lord to wait till the 1st of January before I declare what I have to tell you, but he told me “I am the one who chooses time, not you”. He then gave me signs to confirm what he told me. So I have come to bring you the prophecy of 2014 today. I will speak to you systematically and progressively.

On the 1st of January 2013, we prayed enormously for Central Africa. We prayed for the eastern and central African countries. At that time it was a very calm zone, there were no signs of any problems there. And I said that we should pray so there wouldn’t be a massif exodus of people from that territory. I don’t pray for people to go into problems so I kept thanking God because there was no problem there till suddenly, the president of central Africa was chased. Every one praised the new president who took over! And before knowing God told me there will be an implosion in the country. I said “ah Lord! But everyone is praising the new president!” He replied saying “far from that! The people who put him there will rise up against him. They will tear one another and his life is not safe”. You can see what is going on there today even up to South Sudan (it has also started there); I have already asked God to intervene. I have prayed. My country is not immune from these problems, but there is a spiritual authority in charge there.

However, the countries that the LORD spoke of personally to me, I will talk about them today. And I will also talk about the people that the Lord himself has signaled me about them. The accuracy of divine timing and pleasing characters to the Lord are expedients necessary, and important to know and to understand the heart of God for a people, for a government in a particular season. If you do not know how to turn your ears to divine frequency, you cannot know what the Lord has to do. If you do not have the necessary character to have and to know what the Lord has to say, you're going to say something because you have eaten too much. And it will not be because the LORD has spoken. You will say something because you think it will be so. I will not say anything because I think it will be so, because I do not say anything according to my own interests.

My beloved, to those of you here as well as those in the Diaspora, the Lord sometimes uses the neglected, abandoned, or sequential stories his servant, stories attached to the suffering of his servant to typify what the Lord wants to say. To elucidate what the Lord wants to do for a people, a generation, a church, a nation, and for a government in the world. The word of the LORD is not for people who live in heaven because the Lord himself is already in charge of that. But we are the feet, the hands, the mouth and the ears of the Lord here on earth.

A nation or a government where the Lord is not allowed to reign or alternatively, in a nation , a church, a government where they do not allow the Lord to regulate their affairs, the Lord will over rule by force. Where you do not want the Lord to reign, He will over rule by force by every means at his disposal. But where the Lord has a divine authority encapsulated in man, He will give direction to people, He will protect them, He will communicate what he has to do. For example, if you look at the life of Moses, he had a tripartite life. That means He lived 40 years in the flesh, 40 years to reform his soul, and 40 years to be committed to the Lord.

The different sides of his life populate the history of all the people of Israel. So, whenever the Lord wants to do something, he will use the story of his servant, to speak allegorically of the suffering of his people. He will recalibrate the life of his people and bring them to the level of the life of a prophet he has established over them. So what the LORD does is to bring the suffering of his people to zero, he will say that I want to assume that you have not yet suffered. Now I will take the suffering of my servant to be your suffering. Because if I punish you according to your iniquities, your sufferings will never end. I believe you are following me this afternoon!

So what the Lord will do; here are my people, and I put their suffering at level zero . But you who are established over them, I want to use your suffering to be a source of blessing for them. So what does that mean? The Lord will recalibrate the lives of the people and bring them into the level of prosperity of his servant. And the Lord said, "Have you seen the children of Israel? I want to recalibrate their suffering and bless them. "And how did the Lord do this? The children of Israel were in the land of Egypt for almost 300 years. But it was not the same generation who suffered for 300 years. One generation will come, and will go. Then another generation will start. And so on, one generation goes and another comes! If the Lord wants to consider your suffering today, he will not take into account the generation that suffered before giving birth to you. It is not like that, the Lord will not act like that. He will give you an opportunity in life to be connected to a spiritual authority by whom he will recalibrate and reposition your life. If not, you will continue suffering. Amen!

And you see the life of Moses, 40 years in Egypt. At that time, he did not suffer because he was in the abundance of the flesh. 40 years in the wilderness, to vomit everything he had eaten. Then 40 years with the Lord, to understand how the Lord works. And the Lord used those 40 years to bless his people.

Look at the life of Joseph ! I want you to give me your spiritual ears this morning! I want to talk to your situations because in 2014, the things that terrify you now will be terrified by you. Things that terrify you now , in 2014, there will be a stick shift . In the name of Jesus Christ! The people who pursue you, there will be a stick shift; you will pursue them in 2014. In the name of Jesus Christ! What I am doing now is the preamble! When I go into the crescendo, you will rise up.

Joseph only lived for 17 years with his Father. And we all know the story of Joseph. Many people want to be like Joseph. 2014 is our year of Joseph. In the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.

Beloved, this ministry is 13 years of age. To the glory of the Lord, it started in the house. Any church that covers the earth must start from a room. All that the Lord gives is from the room. Jesus Christ was born in the room where humans do not live, a house where people abandoned for animals. The first underground was born in the room. Where Jesus Christ said, "Go to Galilee and wait for me there". I imagine that He spoke to many people that day. But the day when the Holy Spirit will land on the earth, many people will find excuses not to come. People will say, "Hey , I 'm going to visit my friends " or " I have a class and I have to study tomorrow." The devil will retain them for things that are worthless. Friends who are worthless will hold them back. The day the LORD will bless his people, is the day that the devil withholds them. But may the people who belong to us in the diasporas, listen to me this afternoon . My word will reach you where you are. And time has no influence in what I am saying today. In the name of Jesus Christ.

The day the Holy Spirit wanted to land on the earth, there were only 120 people in the room. This was the day the Lord wanted to give power to the people. I can imagine after that day, the other people will start crying: "Uh, how did I miss that? I am always at the prayer meeting! I come to sweep the church!” There will be excuses everywhere, many justifications (Oh Lord, that day it was my teacher who told me to go to school. Excuse me!). Even if you do not have work to do, you will give yourself a job because you do not want to be useful for the works of the Lord. I said a prayer and I will say it again today. Anyone who seeks to exploit me, who seeks to exploit the Lord in my life, the Lord is going to ruin your life, whoever it may be. But if you have a real heart to know what the Lord wants to do in your life, I am willing to sacrifice everything in my life to help you in life. I am ready to accompany you through your projects in life. Because I don’t exploit anyone in life. And the Lord does not want us to exploit him. There is no one who exploits the Lord and will live peacefully in life! Amen!

And Joseph was only 17 years. And after 17 years, it was just a task that his Father gave him; which was to go and look for his brothers and give them something to eat. Seeing him come, they said "this is the dreamer coming!" If his father knew that was the end of Joseph for a while, he would not have sent him. If your parents knew that you will take some time before visiting them again, they would not have allowed you to leave too. Because the day you left, maybe someone told them that you will come from time to time to pay them a visit because it's a favor.

Most of you have the opportunity to go home, but the current situations do not allow you to return home. You are not illegal! Amen. I say that you are not illegal! Amen. But you are so ashamed that you do not want someone to see you like this. That is for the people who have already experienced something where they are. But for those who just arrived, it's like they should go back today. Stay a little while and your story will change! In the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.

And Joseph was only 17 years. And a simple “go and give some food to your brothers”, cost him 13 years. What did I say, even more than 13 years! Because after 17 years, he was in Egypt for 13 years. He suffered for 12 years. And the thirteenth year, the Lord raised him. I am here to add the value of 13 years to your life, 13 years worth of blessing upon your life. That's recalibration and repositioning. Even if you have never suffered, today you will have a value of 13 years of blessings added to your life. All that I have as blessings, you will also have them! It has got nothing to do with the fact that you are here for the first time, provided it is not your last time!

For 13 years, Joseph was in prison suffering. The last word that Joseph used before the Lord remembered him. He told the butler after he had exposed his dream. He said, "Please! I am suffering for what I did not do! Where I am today, I did not deserve to be here. I was brought here for no fault! Please when you get out of here, talk to Pharaoh about me, so that he can free me from here. He did not say "Tell Pharaoh to raise me, so that I get promoted!"

He said, "just talk to Pharaoh; yet the Lord said that he was prospering in prison! This is not that kind of prosperity that I want so much! So talk about me to Pharaoh so that he could release me from here to continue my life peacefully and find a way to spend my life. "And the butler left without remembering Joseph. Perhaps there are people who gave you promises before you left your country, saying "When you arrive there, I will not forget you. I will help you. And I will take care of you very well". I do not know what kind of words you have been given, or that someone has promised you before.

There is nobody who says something for it to happen except the LORD has said it. I give you the word of happiness today. They have forgotten you, but God will remember you. And it is today. Now, the Lord will remember you when they put you in jail illegally! I do not mean the prison where thieves are put! There are different types of prisons in life: when you cannot eat to your satisfaction, you are in prison, my beloved! When you are known as someone who borrows, beloved, you are in prison! When your life is disrupted by diseases you are prison! When you cannot find something to do, you are in prison. The prisons vary!

If you are put in jail with thieves, you will be given at least what to eat there. Go and check very well, naturally, there are people who are released from prison, they will go out on the road and do something worse than why they were put in jail before. And when asked why they did that? They answered that it was better living in jail that on their own out of jail. But you will come out of your prison, in the name of Jesus Christ! I said you will get out of your prison, in the name of Jesus Christ!

 And Joseph was there for 12 years suffering. And the LORD made ​​things in a way that Pharaoh had a dream exactly 2 years after the butler was released. And the butler remembered that “this is my fault today, there was someone who is in prison and who interpreted my dream”. And this is how Joseph was not only released but also promoted. Today you will be freed and you will be promoted in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen. I said that you will be freed and you will be promoted! Amen.

You might say you already have your freedom! But you know that you are in prison! Prison of what you want! Prison of your desires! Prison of different things! So 17 to 30 years, how many years, please? 13 years. In the thirteenth year there will always be a recalibration, a positive repositioning with a high glory in your life in the name of Jesus Christ! No matter who you are, even if you did not deserve it, this power of grace will come upon your life. The Lord revisited Joseph. In the thirteenth year, you will have a new visit from the Lord in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Even if you look at the life of Ishmael, and you say "Ishmael is someone that the Lord does not love!". Who told you that the Lord does not want him? Ishmael was the first son of Abram. Situations in which Ishmael was conceived were precarious. But when the Lord revisited Abram, it was in  the 13th year of Ishmael, in the name of Jesus Christ! I said it was in the 13th year of Ishmael. I will deepen this when I get there. You know, my beloved in case you did not know before: the promises of blessings from the Lord are often given to people as they go through difficult situations. The Lord calls this period as the formative period or the formative years of your life. But the promises made ​​will not be realized, except the Lord sees that you're mature for the promises.

And so, the Lord began to speak to Moses who lived for 120 years. But go ahead with me to the book of Psalms 90: 9 and see what Moses said there. Moses began to speak for the people of Israel. Moses who lived for 120 years, he prayed an unusual prayer. Prayers based on his experiences and the circumstances in which he found himself. Psalm 90: 9 "All our days pass away because of your anger, seeing us off our years like a sigh." He said "our life is like for someone to tell stories to people!". So if Moses who was 120 years, said that his life is like a story being told! What about yours? What will someone tell about your life? If you like it or not, we will have something to say about you! He continued to say, "The time of our lives amount to 70 years." But Moses lived for how many years? 120 years. But he said that the days of our lives amount to how many years? 70 years. There is something that Moses is saying here that you do not understand. Is Moses saying people should exceed 70 years before dying? No. But it is what I want bring out from here before going deeper.

He began to say to the Lord in Psalm 90:12 "Teach us to number our days." My beloved, you will say "I have not yet reached the age of 70, and why count my days?" But I want to ask you a few questions:

- What do You count in your days?

- And how do You count your days?

When Jacob spoke to Pharaoh who had asked him a question: how old are you? At that time, he was 130 years old. But he did not answer directly. He said, "the days of your servant are fewer than that of my fathers. Your servant is only 130 years. He died at 147 years. Because of the 17 years Joseph spent away from him, the LORD repaid him back! This is why people who are dear to you in life should not think they have lost you.

- What do You count in your days?

- And how do You count your days?

According to the Lord, if you do not appreciate the role and the lessons of your adversity, you will never succeed in knowing how to count your days, or even how to apply your heart to wisdom. What people do today, is not to count their days, because what you are currently doing is to celebrate your birthday. But you do not remember, how to count before the LORD your days of suffering, your days of adversity, your happiness, and generally everything before the LORD.

So when the Lord comes to speak, he only does so by an authority established and verified by him, especially a spiritual authority. And why does he do so? This is to avoid confusion. To avoid the emptiness upon the people. So if someone comes now and says that the Lord spoke to me, and there is no established authority there, there will be confusion. This is because there is emptiness there. And that is why the spirit of the prophets must be subject to prophets.

 So the overall affairs of the life of a spiritual authority is always used as a foundation to a standard specimen, and an indicator to recalibrate, modify, reposition and revitalize the life of a people, a government, a nation, or a church. Therefore, the overall affair of a delegated spiritual authority is often used by the Lord to be a standard, a specimen, an indicator to recalibrate, modify, reposition and revitalize the life of a people , a government, a nation or a church. So when people do not allow this to be done in their lives, or a church that says, "Oh , I only want the Lord to do what he wants to do by this principle," because you know a passage in the Bible is not sufficient to negate the principle there. And you have become arrogant, and you say that's what the Lord has done for me! Your life will be ruined before the LORD! Amen.

Why does the Lord of Hosts recalibrate the life of his people using the life of a spiritual authority established over the people? Why does the LORD do so? Because I have to establish everything before the prophecy of 2014!

N°1.The first reason is that the Lord loves his people. In the different areas of their lives, He loves them. And He wants to give evidences that He wants to bless them. He would like to prove to them that he would like to bless them! But he must have a reference point that will connect your adversity to another adversity. For example, if the Lord wants to bless me, he will watch my adversity and the adversity of the person under whom I am spiritually established. He will bind my adversity to the adversity of that person. And the Lord will say "I will bless you according to his adversity, not yours." This is under the condition that I am faithful to that person. Amen! And when you do not want to do that, the Lord will say you are not humble, you're not obedient, you are proud. So the Lord wants to prove his love for us, but it must have a reference point in our destiny.

N°2. The second reason why the Lord recalibrates the life of his people using the life of a spiritual authority established over them, is simply because the Lord blesses only people who are in adversity. If you are not in adversity, you are in prosperity. Is this not correct, my beloved? So there is no equity when you leave people who are in adversity and you continue blessing only those who are already blessed. That is why the Lord is a God of justice. The Lord blesses those who go through or are about to go through adversity. Because it gives no meaning to abandon people who are suffering and bless the people who are already blessed!

N°3.Why will the LORD use a spiritual authority established to recalibrate the suffering of his people? This is because he wants the life of this spiritual authority established to be a guide for people who go through difficult situations and also those who will follow later. If you are a guide, it means that your life is fruitful! And the LORD will not use someone else's life that is not productive to guide others. Amen.

N°4. This is to demonstrate the importance of spiritual Fatherhood upon vulnerable people. You know in the society, my beloved, although governments say they are doing their job, there are five categories of people who are very vulnerable :

 1) women ,

2 ) children,

3) the sick,

4) orphans

5) and widows.

 These are the categories of the most vulnerable people in the society. It should not surprise you that God is the husband of widows. So that is why God is the Father of orphans. That is why he is the one who heals our diseases. That is why he is the one who gives the right to women at home! There is nothing in life, according to the divine scriptures, which makes a woman inferior to her husband. And there must not be a social law which will also seek to weaken women by denying them their rights. By saying something like "I am the authority!"  This is because one, you are tormented ... or you know your problem! Because when a woman advances in the house, her husband will advance further. Over rule your wife and you too will be locked up! These are divine principles! May the men in government who are listening to me use and act in accordance with this Word. If you want to advance very quickly in life, find all ways to quickly make your wife advance! Unleash your wife because she is a potential source at home! She is a blessing at home! All that you can be in life is in your wife! If you can only free her, you will see what the Lord will do in your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! And the people say, Amen!

And so the Lord wants to show the Spiritual Fatherhood upon the people especially for people who are vulnerable. And why will the Lord recalibrate the life of his people through the life of a spiritual authority?

Beloved, you know recently, my Mentor was here. He declared over Nigeria that Abacha will die before this date. And he died! When he said these kind of Words, Abacha was President at that time. Amen! And the people say, Amen.

And he said that there will be no elections. We have already prepared everything! Babangida who was the President at the time, two hours before the election, canceled the elections. People began to seek for the Prophet: but where did you find this information? Looks like you are friends with the President! He replied by saying that you know it yourself that the President put me in jail! But when he found nothing against me, he released me. You can do nothing against the Word that proceeds from the mouth of the LORD. Today, I call you to pray a lot for Gbagbo. And pray a lot for the current President of Côte d'Ivoire. I will not say more than that! I am already praying in secret for them. What I see does not give me joy: this is a very huge and very rich country in West Africa, a very large country. I am talking about Ivory Coast. Amen! And nobody should touch this country for their own benefit in the name of Jesus Christ! Pray for these two people in the name of Jesus Christ!

And the LORD will recalibrate the lives of his people through the life of his servant because he would reward people who have suffered unjustly. They suffered for something they did not do . There are many people here who are suffering, not because they have sinned , but because they do not know why they are even suffering! They say "what is happening to me now , I do not know where it came from ! " . My beloved , I have a very sweet word from the Lord for you, it is that today is the end of that suffering . Amen ! What terrifies you before , you will terrify it in the name of Jesus Christ! You go out of your shell in the name of Jesus Christ! He who seeks to destroy you , will destroy himself! You are not going to have anything stained in your hand because the Lord himself will fight for you in the name of Jesus Christ!

The Lord will recalibrate people's lives through the life of his servant because he wants to rebalance their lives to bring them into progress. He would bring balance and order in their lives! Amen . There are times , you know, the LORD sets apart days, seasons or periods to bless his people. This does not mean that the Lord does not bless every day, but when the Lord comes and says " Today I want to bless you," it's a different blessing. Nobody can cancel this blessing! As I just told you in the book of II King 7 about the Prophet Elisha saying "Today, the price of commodities that are sold in the country will fall . " . In Haggai 2: 19 " Are there the seed yet in the attic ? Even the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate and the olive tree have reported nothing. But from this day I will give the blessing. " So He said, " Today, I will give you the blessing." So I also tell you that today, December 29, 2013 until the end of your life, you will be blessed ! I said that you will be blessed ! You are not behaving like someone who is blessed! I said from now until the end of your life , you will be blessed ! Amen . You will be blessed! Amen . You will be blessed! Amen . Whatever you do, you will be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen . In the works of your hand, you will be blessed ! Amen . In the expectations of your life , you will be blessed! Amen . Members of your family will be blessed ! Amen . In everything you undertake , you will be blessed ! Beyond your imagination, you will be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen .

This December 29, 2013 marks a turning point in your life ! Amen . You are blessed !The members of your family are blessed in the name of Jesus Christ! He who seeks to curse you will be cursed in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen . You are blessed ! No more diseases in the name of Jesus Christ! No more delays in fulfillment of your expectations in the name of Jesus Christ!

Everyone say this with me "From today, I am blessed ! The works of my hands are blessed ! My health is blessed ! The expectations in my heart are blessed !The projects of my life are blessed in the name of Jesus Christ! " .

You are blessed ! My children in the Diaspora are blessed! Amen . Regardless of where you are : those who are in South America or the Caribbean , you are blessed ! Amen . Those in North America, you are blessed ! Amen . Those in Europe , you are blessed ! Amen . Those in Africa, you are blessed! Amen . Those in Asia, you are blessed ! Those in the Pacific, you are blessed ! Regardless of where you are located , you are blessed ! Amen . You are blessed with a blessing of a Father in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen . Whoever curses you , it's me He cursed ! I am a furious fighter! I do not lose the war because the Lord of host is always on my right hand . Uh ! Come with your maneuver! The Lord of Hosts is for us in the name of Jesus Christ! You can threaten us, we are under threats and we are more than conquerors in the name of Jesus Christ! There is nothing you will do that will discourage us. From the beginning of my life until now , I have never been discouraged. Bring your threats ! Bring them here ! The Lord is with us. You cannot prevent the children predestined to prosperity in the name of Jesus Christ. Whatever you want to manipulate! Whatever policies are in the country, you will progress in your country! Amen . You will reign in your country! You will lead your country in the name of Jesus Christ! No power can stop you in life in the name of Jesus Christ!

2014 is a year of Joseph . All say with me " 2014, this is the year of Joseph in the name of Jesus Christ! " . So whenever the Lord wants to bless a people, a church or a nation, a prophetic word must come out. And people must urgently connect themselves to this prophecy and play their role there. Prophecies conform the lives of people to a blessing. Do you understand this ? Prophecies conform the lives of people to a blessing and not vice- versa. A prophecy conforms my life, that of someone else to a blessing. You Should allow this prophecy to conform and connect your life to this blessing in the name of Jesus Christ.